Do you love “brain games?” If you said yes to that, then you’ll enjoy this free Android game. Alchemy Classic is a simple but highly addictive game where you pretend to be the alchemist and use your powers of deduction and judgement in passing the evolution path from bacteria to mammals.¬†This puzzle game has been winning plenty of followers ever since it came out and it’s really no surprise. Even though the game graphics might look boring, once you start playing; it’s hard to stop.

It was developed by NIAsoft and is actually a remake of an old MS-DOS game, titled, “Alchemy.” ¬†Even though it’s marketed as a puzzle game for Android, it’s really a no-brainer to play. Just pure entertainment and fun if you ask me.

The main objective of the game is to simply create elements using the existing elements you have. At the start, you will only have four elements, air, water, fire and earth. You are going to have to combine these in order to create new elements. For instance, if you mix “water” and “earth,” you end up with a “swamp.”

The idea here is to come up with new elements by combining the ones you already have. There are about 188 elements that you can try and create. Combining elements you have created can also result to new elements. All you need to do this is drag and drop one element onto another and simply head to the menu to have the element show up in your element count. It’s rather simple but really just addictive.

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