Here’s another wizard you can learn to love. Magic Planet Snack is a colorful game that finds you playing a wizard that has accidentally turned himself into a worm. Now, you go on a quest to satisfy your hunger and devour the rest of the wizards that don’t like you very much.

In your journey, you end up devouring plenty of sweets and other tasty treats. You even chew your way and devour entire worlds just to quench your appetite. In the process, you gain points.

Magic Planet Snack features fun and pastel bright colors. It also has a fun gameplay that anybody can enjoy off the bat. The actual storyline is a bit morbid (read it here) but thank god, the developers don’t really dwell on it that much. Anyway, this’ll certainly give you a good time for an hour or two. This entertaining game features nice pixel art graphics. Everywhere you look there’s a bright splash of pastel color enough to make you dizzy (and in fact, some people do find it a bit nauseating.) Nevertheless, it does a great job at exuding the fun and joyful world that surrounds you. It also matches the mood of the game perfectly. The sound is excellent and quite catchy.

Meanwhile, the controls and gameplay are easy once you master them. Basically, you have to keep in mind that you need to devour most of the things that are floating around in space. Eating the orbs will help boost your hyper meter and also gives you extra points. When inside a planet, you have to eat your way into the core. Also, when you fly in space there will be wizards shooting at you. They do become faster each time you get stronger, so watch for those as well.

In the end, the game is a cool must-have if you love to keep a collection of your most treasured indie game finds. After the initial learning curve, you should be able to enjoy this amazing game and actually have loads of fun while playing it.

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