Clones of the Queen is a Hawaii based band that creates some sultry, techno, trip hop, rock sound. The trio is made up of frontwoman, Ara Laylo, guitarist Paul Bajcar and electronics by Matt McVickar. The Gate is their first EP and comes with 7 endearingly haunting tracks that’s definitely worth your while.

The album is filled with the band’s signature brooding feel with a touch of spacey sounding indie rock. Laylo’s voice is cold yet soothing when mixed with the synth soundscapes that often surround it. Ever since their early years, jamming together in a bank vault situated atop a coffee shop; the band has come quite a long way. Although they’re still at the beginning stages, you can tell that this band has a bright future ahead. Take a listen.

The Gate is a spirited album that resonates of great vibes throughout. It opens with the moody cut, Chase. The single is lovely and shows off Laylo’s gorgeous pipes. The semi upbeat synth sound places listeners in a hypnotic trance that’s likely to stay the entire 3 minutes and 14 seconds of the song.

Another cut worthy of mention is the single, Talisman. It starts with a space videogame-esque vibe that’s coupled with strong vocals and enchanting background sounds. It’s definitely a cool track worth playing as you relax. Meanwhile, Window is a melodic night club love song.

Overall, the album combines ambient sounds with rockish edges. It’s like going out to sea on a stormy night. On the one hand you get the poetic beauty of a lovely ocean while on the other, you get the rough waves tossing and turning your boat. This mix makes the album unique and worth listening to.

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