MixGalaxy Records celebrates their birthday bash by releasing some of the best ambient, downtempo and chillout tracks in their roster. Formed back in 2009, this cool Russian net-label took their name after being local residents of MixGalaxy.ru forums.

Now turning 1, this awesome netlabel gathers together 20 of the best dub, ambient & downtempo cuts into one relaxing album. Have a listen and enjoy a pleasant trip to a surreal musical landscape.

Downtempo Hits gathers together the best of what MixGalaxy has released from 2009-2010. This cool and calm album opens up with the heavily sedated cut from Russian duo, Waterplea, Birth SE. Much like listening and watching a small drizzle turn into a torrential downpour and then abruptly getting cut off; this track is the perfect opener for this interesting album.

Incidentally, the compilation is also capped off by the same electronic duo. Their track, Improved Silence, lets you experience deep, sleep-inducing soundscapes. If an artist made a sound and evoked atmosphere as he painted, this track would probably be the result.

Other cool tracks include The Walk from Alien S. as well as Sinestesia’s Outness (Part II). The latter fuses together a collection of ethnic inspired sounds and that of electronic sound effects and samples. It’s a progressive track with a lot of ethnic inspired elements. Definitely one cut that would serve as the perfect background to some cool sci-fi, space age cowboy flick.

Here’s the full tracklist for the album:

1. Waterplea – Birth SE
2. Mobil – The Winter’s Story
3. Herr Bubenschtolz – Weird Clerkfish Is Swimming Away Satiated
4. Esdo & Noraus – Robodub
5. VAD – Zarya
6. Sinestesia – Outness (Part II)
7. YARA* – Old Sky
8. Fike – Otherside (Foggin’ Up Your Streets)
9. Restin – Sins
10. Brattt – Sleep Of Ursula
11. Alien S – The Walk
12. Fedorov Mark – The House With Ghosts
13. Gerdes – 11 24
14. Esdo – Zalip
15. Staggerman – Nothing Matters
16. Timofey – Planet Parade
17. Noraus – Redub
18. Nuts Gives Power – Dashing
19. Talemore – Creation Of Light
20. Waterplea – Improved Silence

Today, MixGalaxy is home to some of the best Russian and foreign indie musicians out there. Not only does the label present the records, but they also help these same musicians find their group of legions out there.

Even though the label is still a relative newcomer in the indie music industry, they have come a long way and achieved quite a lot in just one year. Even better is that it seems like there’s so much more still in store for their audience as well as their artists.

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