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Image Tricks Lite

There are already countless image editing software available for free download online but like many things, there's always room for one more. Image Tricks is one of the new kids on the block. Like the new kid, it comes with tons of bling that he's eager to show around. The program was created by Belight Software, which also offers plenty of cool, free software that users can download. It uses the Mac OSX Core Image as well as the Quartz Composition for editing. This nifty program is packed with cool features that most image editors and beginners will find useful. Best of all, the program is offered absolutely free. Give it a try.


Looking for a reliable and free MIDI synthesizer, recorder and composer? Take a look at Temper. Released by Angry Red Planet, this cool software has been praised by music enthusiasts as a simple tool to use for creating music. Like most programs, Temper is offered as "unrestricted, unexpiring trialware." Of course, purchasing a license is required once it is used for commercial purposes. Just because it's not the licensed version though doesn't mean it's a dud. In fact, plenty of the features users normally get from the full version are available in the free version of the program. Pretty much users can add, layer, tweak music and so much more. Worth checking and trying out if you're a musician looking for a reliable music creation software.