Fract is Myst-like game where you are immersed in this wonderful Tron inspired world. You solve puzzles and explore this glorious colorful world. The game consists of point and click controls making it quite interesting and unique.

The game was developed by Richard Flanagan and among the finalists for the 2011 IGF Student Showcase Finalist. Fract is done entirely in 3D and features a really atmospheric world that takes away the player and immerses him into it.

Currently, the updated beta version of the game runs on both PC and Mac systems so it’s much easier for various games to enjoy. Give it a go by clicking the image or download link. Fract is actually first person puzzle game where your goal is to unlock a musical machinery and get it up and running again. When first entering the landscape, you are greeted with a puzzle to solve. Once you finish this, you are left to enter and explore this immense landscape of colorful polygonal objects. Finding the first few controls can become tedious and frustrating at first since players are left with no clues where to go next. However, the game does try and make up for it by providing interesting graphics.

All of it is done in 3D, so be prepared to be blown away by interesting colors and effects.¬†Oftentimes, it becomes quite eerie and makes you feel as if you’re swallowed whole by a world filled with boxy objects and electronic sounds. Moreover, since you’ll be solving to get an electronic machine up and running, headphones are necessary in order for you to enjoy the game. The game world that Flanagan has created is definitely unique and leaves a lot of eye candy to take in.

As for gameplay, the puzzles are not too complicated. In fact, they are quite easy to solve. However, since it’s still in its beta stages, there’s no option to save the game. Players will need to be a little patient in finishing the game at one go.

Even though it is weird and unusual, the game is definitely worth trying out.

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