Fancy a game of solitaire and mahjong rolled into one? LexJongg combines the gameplay of solitaire with that of classic mahjong pieces. The game is pretty simple and just the perfect diversion from a hectic work pace.

LexJongg, according to its creator, was created in about 9 hours or so. Pretty impressive feat if you ask me. It’s a decent game with simple and basic graphics. Nothing too fancy, and just right for a quick play. Despite its simple graphics, the game is still fun to play.

All you have to do is match the tiles to take them out of the picture. You win the game once you manage to take out all the tiles. The game features several board layouts as well as an unsupported game editor if you feel like creating your own layouts.

Although the game is pretty interesting, it does have a lot of flaws. For one, there’s no sound. Even though it might not be unusual to play solitaire or mahjong without any background sound, it still feels weird. There’s no option to rescramble if ever you get into a bind and simply cannot find any solution. Also, your control options are quite limited.

It might not be the best game out there, but it’s something to help you pass the time when you’re waiting for your friend at that coffee shop or if you’re simply bored.

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