If you’re one of those brain geeks who like to take IQ tests or match wits with a computer once in awhile to see who’s smarter, then you might want to grab Stupidness 2. This fun IQ game will throw you brain melting questions that’ll make you think twice about your own intellect.

The game features 35 questions, some of them are quite easy to answer while others will definitely leave you scratching your head.

Created by Orangenose Studios, the game offers a PRO version with more questions to the roster, but trust me, this free version is more than enough to make your nose bleed in certain instances. 

The game is quite simple. All you have to do is answer the IQ questions and hope that your brain doesn’t melt in the process. What’s nice is that the answers to most of the questions are quite funny and it’s not necessarily the most obvious answer that’s right. I tell you, you’ll encounter questions that seem as if they’re designed to stump you instead of gauging your IQ.

Your best bet in winning though is to finish all of the questions within the time frame. Once you’ve correctly answered five questions, your clock resets and the game provides you a checkpoint in case you miss out on an answer in the future. ¬†Also, if you find yourself in a bind, there’s an option to ask for a hint. However, be warned, it will deduct a certain amount from your IQ points. Plus, if you take too long to answer, you’ll also get a deduction from your points.

The game is pretty entertaining but there are minor downsides. For instance, there’s no option to turn off the timer in case you want to answer the questions at your own pace. Moreover, once you’re fully done with the game, there’s really no point in playing again. Then again, you could still use it to quiz your friends or family members which could be fun as well. Overall, the game is perfect if you don’t take IQ games so seriously and you’re simply looking for some good time.

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