Here’s another cool game to add to your favorite iOS device. Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil is an interesting physics based game that tests out your aiming and strategy skills. The objective is to help the little blue ball get his ship back from the evil red guy.

Developed by iTankster, the game is currently available as a free download over at the App Store. Thanks to its colorful graphics and fun yet challenging gameplay, you’re guaranteed to keep playing this game for hours on end.

The game starts off all nice and dandy. The Tiny Ball is part of a happy crew in a ship when out of nowhere, the Evil Devil shows up and kicks him off the boat. Now, he has to defeat the Evil Devil by shooting a cannon and knock him off a set of boxes and onto the floor.

Like most games, the first time you open up the game you’re given a mini tutorial. The game relies on physics and strategy in knocking over the Evil Devil from the stack of boxes. Some levels are pretty straightforward, requiring only one ball to shoot at the enemy while other levels would need several attempts before hitting the target. There’s over 80 levels you can play in the game, plus 20+ unlockables.

Overall, the game is pretty addictive. Graphics are amazing while controls are pretty easy: simply tap, aim and fire. With Openfeint and Gamesupport options, you can even invite and challenge your friends for a quick game. Give it a download.

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