Always having trouble keeping everything you do or even your thoughts organized? MindNode might be able to help you out. This cool mind mapping tool is perfect for anybody who prefers having a visual equivalent of their ideas and thoughts.

The program works great on the iPad, iPhone or iTouch so you can instantly bring it up and use whenever you need to.

It was created by Markus Mueller and contains plenty of interesting features that’s perfect for any enthusiast.

Although many of us might have heard about how helpful particular mindmapping programs are when it comes to the way we think, remember and work; hardly any of us actually bother to give it a try. With MindNode, you might want to rethink this.

The program is actually very effective when it comes to helping people become a little more productive. Packed with several important features, MindNode becomes a useful tool for creating diagrams and visual maps of your thoughts. The program offers a very clean and simple interface, making navigation a breeze. In fact, after a couple of minutes of trying it out, you’ll feel as if you’ve been using the program for the longest time.

Pretty much, all you’ll be doing is tapping away on your screen. You tap the node to get started then you tap to create branches, and then you type your thoughts. There are also other options that you can try out. This includes having the capacity to rearrange the nodes, change into outline view and have a one-way dropbox integration.

The program actually functions great even if it is limited in features. It has enough of it to allow users to become more productive but not nearly enough to make you say, “wow!” Nevertheless, the program is worth trying out.

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