Sweet Mother Logic is an experimental indie instrumental quartet hailing from Montreal. The crew is made up of Justin Wright, Eric Kaplin, Jack D. Kelly and Adrian Aitken.

Their instrumental sound leaps across genres creating a rich combination of instruments and sounds.  With this self-titled album they explore the fields generating, pop, rock, electronic, ambient (even a hint of dance) in the thick layers of their music.

So far, the group has been around for four years, creating a sound that is unique, intriguing and certainly entertaining. Give their album a go and check out their previous EP as well.

The four piece actually recorded and released a short 4 track EP, Ascension, back in June 2008. This compilation mixed cellos with analog synths and guitars and rolled them into one massively glorious EP. For their full length debut, Sweet Mother Logic, it’s no different. This time, however, you get to enjoy the chaos and the sweetness a little longer.

The album opens up with the 2 minute cut, Anthomedusae. It’s a mellow and very melodic piece that opens the record with a soft touch. The track sounds like it would fit great as background music for an important melodramatic movie scene. Meanwhile, it’s followed by another quiet cut, Funch. This time around, the single incorporates more prominent instrument work, particularly guitars and bass. It’s also twice as long as the first cut, giving audiences time to absorb all the rich textures that come through halfway in the song.

Listening to this album is like floating in space minute and dropping out of orbit the next. It’s a beautiful roller coaster of sounds and instruments with plenty of sweet texture along with layers of gorgeous rhythm spiraling all across.  If you want proof, listen to Counting Sheep; this is probably one of personal favorites in the record.

Even though the album is purely instrumental, the richness of the instruments more than makes up for it. There’s never a dull moment because everywhere you look and listen, you’ll find something worth checking out. It’s licensed under creative commons and available for free download from Jamendo or you can purchase it for $8.75 from the band’s Bandcamp page.

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