LA DJ SoUnD WaVeS (Michael Martinez) might not be a household name just yet but he can create catchy tunes worth churning out over the dance floor.

SoUnD WaVeS started DJ’ing back in 1999 where he used the moniker, DJ Brownsugar. Combining his skillful mixes along with this personal artwork, he creates a lush wall of sound with a nice artistic appeal.

Initially inspired after seeing Daft Punk live, he has pursued creating music that triggers “a chain reaction of body movement, which then evolves into dancing.”

Running Not Skipping is a collection of singles from the artist. Skillfully showing off his mastery in mixing beats, synths and samples; he creates interesting low key dancefloor tracks worth the check out.

Starting the short compilation is Juicy SoUnD WaVeS; a track thats a smooth and has a slight 80s dance beat. There’s a neat little guitar/bass synth section midway through the cut as well which adds interesting moments to the single. On the other hand, upping the tempo a bit is third track, Never Forget (Vocal Ecliptic Mix)<./em> It’s the longest track on the record and brings in a host of combos and dance beats to the fore; perfect for an elongated dance floor stint. Get Up and Move!, on the other hand, caps the record in a flurry of catchy rhythms.

This is a compilation worth noting if you need a soundtrack for that upcoming Saturday night rave you’re throwing. It’s easy to get lost in each one and simply enjoy the emanating sounds. Grab the download, the artist is offering it for free.

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