As creepy as the cover image is, the sound that emanates from this album is nothing short of exquisite techno dub jazz.

BBNG2 is an awesome mix of original and rehashed tracks from such favorites like My Bloody Valentine and even Kanye West.

Generally classified as “jazz,” this is nowhere near your Grandpappy’s jazz music thanks to a deeply wrapped thumping bass, electronics and a whole lot of hip hop/electro vibe. The songs on here feature a lateral transformation of jazz music; giving the sound a more modern and interesting feel.

Badbadnotgood is made up of three Toronto natives (Alex Sowinski – drums, Matt Tavares – keys, and Chester Hansen- bass)¬†that are all under 21 years old. According to a little footnote on their BandCamp page, “this album was recorded in one 10 hour session. Thanks to our friends, family, loved ones and anyone who fucks with us.”

Indeed, the album sounds like a spontaneous recording; with various drums, guitars and keys wrapping itself in one big bear hug. Nevertheless, the songs come out confident and well done.

A few of my personal favorites include opening single Earl, which flows with a slight menacing feel thanks to its deep bass. Limit To Your Love (a Feist original) is another favorite and more true to the sound of the original. Meanwhile, there are 5 original compositions in the album. Among them,¬†Vices; a song that starts as a slow paced enigmatic number that picks up speed as it goes. It’s a great track to help see what the boys are capable of when left with their instruments.

Badbadnotgood might be a bit eclectic for mainstream jazz/dub lovers but the boys definitely have something special up their sleeve. Their capacity to pluck out an existing single and transform it into something new and interesting is worth raving about. Moreover, their originals also prove they can create music from scratch without a problem. In the end, it’s a great record to check out if you ask me. Take a listen and grab the download.

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