Elevate your weekday nights out with lush alternative indie pieces from Paper Lights. Caverns features well-crafted pieces that are embedded with silky vocals and glowing vocals.

Fans of Explosions In the Sky, Jonsi, Sucre, Mute Math, or Postal Service must be excited for this album as the Atlanta-based band flags the same sound, with of course, their own signature style. Paper Lights is composed of Dan Snyder (vocals/keys), Melanie Annabelle (vocals/glock), Jonathan Kimsey (drums/percussion), Jacob McCarthy (electric guitars), Tim Friesen (bass guitars), and Josh Stewart (keys/percussion).

First stop is On Your Way. Being an alternative pop band, listeners may expect a lot of guitar-driven notes, but the band stuns our ears with siren layered female vocals with hints of violin and ambient goodness.

Caverns follows in a whimsical jungle of chimes and atmospheric vocals that fluidly translates into cinematic soundscapes that are ready to mend weary souls. Press play and let the fluidity of this record put you in the right mood.

The Cave has gained world success and buzz, including commercial and film placements in ESPN, Chick-fil-a and Outdoor Magazines. Seconds into the piece and you’ll be instantly hooked with rapid tribal beats that possesses a certain rhythm that will make you dance.

By using new melodies and fresh arrangements, Caverns is a well-structured album that music lovers would enjoy listening to. So download, press play, and experience a pleasurable musical experience.

Track List:
1. On Your Way
2. Caverns
3. The Cave
4. Counting On You
5. I Caught Myself Dreaming

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