This set is a collection of acoustic folk pop songs from Frenchman, jumy. Every Day is the First Day mixes masterful guitar strumming with southern harmonica and some peppy tune. It reminds me of a quiet summer getaway where you just sit down with friends, sing along and play guitar. Nice relaxing sounds.

This the second release from the artist. His first album, de bric et de broc, is also a compilation of folk pop songs played in his beautifully embellished guitar and recorded in his makeshift home studio.

Despite being a Frenchman, jumy sings in English and only occasionally in his native tongue. This wonderful acoustic ensemble starts off with the semi-upbeat track, Flowers. The song features beautiful instrument work and a catchy chorus. It’s a happy tune that’s guaranteed to bring a slight peek of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy afternoon.

On the other hand, tracks like Second Hand, Wonder and Didn’t Wanna Fight exude a quieter, less upbeat sound. The songs are still quite relaxing and highlighted with jumy’s voice; makes for a perfect and relaxing afternoon soundtrack. Another track worth checking out for that southern-Louisiana-bayou vibe is I Have Got My Feet. It’s  beautiful song and instantly a favorite in this record.

Even though the album was recorded entirely on a makeshift home studio, it still sounds quite good. Guitar work is great and vocals are quite clean. Worth checking out if you love upbeat acoustic folk pop.

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