Battle Over Brooklyn is the product of pop punk band, Die Pretty. The foursome only started about 2 years ago (2009) but they’re definitely wasting no time getting their music together and spreading the word.

They’ve already released a short EP titled, Bittersweet. This was released in Europe via Unconform Records and helped win the band a solid following overseas. With Battle Over Brooklyn, the band is looking to expand and win over even more enthusiasts of upbeat pop punk.

Soaring through the scene with a good mix of pop, punk, alternative and rock, Die Pretty seems to have what it takes to make more than an impression in the music world.

Made up of brother and sister, Sarah & Skip Orlof on vocals and guitar, Tommy Cai on guitars and Angelo Merendino on drums – Die Pretty is off to a good start. Despite being new in the business, the band has already shared the stage with several well-known bands, particularly Green Day and Goldfinger.

As for their sound, I’ve encountered several reviews comparing their music to bands like Green Day and Social Distortion. However, after hearing their EP, in my opinion, they’re closer to a hard rock Paramore than any other band. It’s not just because both bands are fronted by a beautiful girl but more so because Die Pretty’s sound has a more poppy touch than straight up punk.

Battle Over Brooklyn comes with only 3 songs but it’s enough for the band to showcase what they have up their sleeves. Starting off with Voices, the song is a fast paced, upbeat pop punk track that is certainly catchy. It’s not just the Gwen Stefani sounding vocals that drag you in, the instrument work and recording quality are top notch as well. It’s followed by the equally energetic, Let Me Out. This time around, it’s obvious that it’s not just the vocals that take center stage; the hard rockin’ instrument work, play a crucial role to defining the group’s sound as well. The track is filled with killer guitar licks and great beats left and right.

The 10 minute charmer is capped off with 7th Avenue, which is actually a bit of a departure compared to the first two tracks. Instead of punk rock, there’s a certain touch of indie dance pop to this one. With a catchy hook, the band wins more props once again. It’s a short but very enjoyable track that’s hard not to play over and over again.

In the end, the EP is worth the trip. It’s only real bummer is that it’s pretty short at only three songs but that’s not even a real downside. Production quality is pretty good and the band themselves don’t disappoint. From the vocals to the instruments, this is a solid EP that definitely holds its ground against the pros.

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