Creevity is a program designed to track the album art of mp3 music files and acts as a helping hand in the organisation of a music library. All it takes is one click. Furthermore, ‘no matter to which folder you move your mp3 file, the saved cover will always be there for you’.

With its simple interface, this program can be accessed by everyone. All one has to do is select the programs file menu, add a desired folder and then pick from a list of suggestions.

Creevity not only allows you to add album covers to mp3s; it also enables a user to change, delete or add alternative images to an mp3 file. A user can update an image whenever they want. Furthermore, Creevity has extended compatibility. Covers will be shown in Windows, Mac, Windows Media Player, iTunes and many other players. This ensures that most people will be able to utilize this useful form of freeware.

In a similar way to Itunes, Creevity enables a user to rate their music. Like Itunes, this is through a star rating system. This function allows a user to prioritise their music and it organises all of their favourite music into a single category.

Overall, Creevity is designed to make life easier for the owners of messy mp3 collections. Personally, I believe that this program definitely achieves its aim. Put an end to the untidiness of an mp3 library and download this free program!

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