Listening to Carrie Ryan’s record makes you want to rush over to a poppy field overlooking a beautiful scenery and stay there enjoying the wonders of nature. This Road is the first full length record from Ryan. She wrote and recorded all of the songs while still in high school. Much of the songs are about her personal experiences, about people and events in her life.

This 9-track compilation is filled with acoustic folk songs that resonate with Ryan’s endearing, angelic voice. Her voice is surprisingly mature and you wouldn’t even think that she recorded this at such a young age. 

This Road is an album about heartache, regret and eventually moving on. Ryan admits that “the whole album was inspired by a relationship gone wrong.” 

Gorgeously opening with 700 miles, this somber acoustic love song exhibits Ryan’s powerful vocals. The moody, reflective vibe of the track gives the song a certain truth. The beauty doesn’t stop there though, other songs like Somebody I Used To Know is about a former relationship gone south. According to Ryan, it was after she wrote this song that she felt she was ready to move on and no longer needed the person in question in her life. Oh My Heart, touches on really personal heart matters for the singer as well.  The rest of the tracks are equally impressive. Each one brings in a certain emotion to the record; translating the singer’s feelings and thoughts into wonderful, quiet tracks that most of us can relate with.

Whether you love acoustic folk all the time or simply need it for moments of down time, This Road will serve as the perfect treat. It’s one of those albums that you can imagine playing in some quiet, homey coffee shop; silently keeping you company in your moments of solitude with your mind and a good cup of joe.

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