The New & Very Welcome is basically Jessica Lynne McDermott. She creates wonderful indie acoustic pop right from her bedroom. This Changes Everything is the latest release from this laid-back songstress and it features 16 acoustic-inspired tracks. Every single one of the tracks were recorded in the artists’ bedroom and then transferred to cassette.

The album compiles raw yet endearing cuts that has every inch of indie stamped on it. Although the recording isn’t that amazing, it’s quite clean. As for the songs, not everything is a gem but there are definitely cuts worth listening to and downloading. This Changes Everything is offered for a pay-what-you-want download. Simply enter zero or how much you want to donate and click download.

This 16 track compilation starts off with the acoustic slow track, When I Beg You To Come Over. This one serves as a short introduction into the type of music you’ll be in for in the next hour or two. Another nice track worth checking out is the mellow acoustic cut, Your Favorite Word For Phantom. The song features raw vocal work especially when it comes to the backing vocals. Although it’s not as catchy as I want it to be,  it does change tempo mid-song; making it more upbeat and likable.

My favorite in terms of melody would have to be, My Best Behavior. There’s a tiny part in the opening guitar work that is just lovely and it feels as if the singer is quite in sync with this song. Very pretty to listen to and it definitely shows in the overall track.

The album is available in physical format for sale and for a name-your-price (including $0) download on BandCamp. If you are a fan of girly acoustic indie pop, then you might want to check this album out.

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