Bringing in a fusion of experimental trip hop and dance pop sounds, Nonchalant by Ben K. Adams is a nice little getaway compilation for those looking to enjoy a little time out on the dancefloor.

This is the latest release from the artist and it combines his skillful guitar playing with his expert mixing skills.

Nonchalant is a short EP but it’s enough to entice the listeners and keep them hooked with the few tracks it has in tow. 

Opening with the semi acoustic number, It’s Been Done Before; the song reminds me of Justin Timberlake and marked with a catchy pop beat. It’s a nice number that coaxes dance moves out of you. Essentially, a great upbeat electro track that serves as a perky opener for the EP.

It’s followed by, I Hope Dana Approves, which slows down the tempo of the EP a tad bit. If the first one was a straight up, jump-into-the-dancefloor-track; this second one is more the smoothly- slide-onto-the-dancefloor beat. They’re both equally enjoyable though. Meanwhile, You’ll Die Regretting Everything, has an Eastern feel to it. It combines exotic sounding samples as well as a somewhat spiritual atmosphere.

Final track Carcinogenic Closure, runs for only 2 minutes. In the track, the artist creates a jazzy coffee club beat with pianos and sparkling sounds.

According to the artist, each sound represents something he hasn’t done before. It’s a sweet and fresh compilation that deserves a listen, for sure. Check out the download and see if you like it.

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