Looking for a DJing software, but all you could find is either too complicated to use or hefty on the pocket? No worries, here is Mixxx; an open-source, free DJ software that punches everything from live performance to casual mixing in the house.

Mixxx really has the perfect combination of tools for a rookie entering the DJ scene. Hot cues, looping control, cross-faders, pitchers – you name it and its there in the user-friendly interface to get you started without breaking a sweat.

The software also loads folders, where you usually store music files. So if iTunes is your game, then Mixxx will instantly load up your entire iTunes library for easy and full-access.

Experienced mixers will also find it helpful to have the BPM estimation feature, as well as the way to detect the BPM. The software is simple to use, and since it’s new updated version was released songs can be now dragged from the library and be placed in the cue with one move of the mouse. What the software desperately needs though is a real-time fullscreen mode, and not the windowed mode UI that gets quite annoying after extended time of use.

Users get a choice of different UI schemes to choose from according to their comfort levels. Overall, this DJ software is a good bet for the casual mixings and is very helpfull for picking up the basics of DJing; all without making you go through the trouble of buying a professional DJ turntable.

With ability for Live broadcast via Darkice and Icecast2, recording of mixes, live-editing, syncing and everything you expect from a DJ console, Mixxx is one the best bets for everyone looking for a DJing alternative software for free. Available on the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

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