Jess Penner is a talented singer/songwriter that has been winning raves for her beautiful voice and sound.

Based in LA, Growing in the Cold is the singer’s latest compilation. It follows the successful release of her debut album, Love, Love, Love. Since her initial offering, her music has been featured on various TV shows, movies as well as commercial campaigns.

Armed with a guitar and her sweet, sometimes quirky vocals; her music is lighthearted and filled with great melody that easily charms.

On her Facebook page, she’s described as, “cheerful and cheeky, creatively ADD artist from Los Angeles…┬áJess is also a dinner party throwing, hen raising, people loving, thrift store shopping, self professed tomboy who hates musicals and tilapia but secretly loves painfully slow BBC miniseries and booty dancing alone in her bedroom. “

The singer’s carefree spirit shows beautifully in her songs, most of which are easy-listening acoustic pop gems minus the autotune. Opening her compilation is Let Go, a breezy pop single that makes full use of Penner’s sweet girly vocals and penchant for uplifting melodies. If you listen closely, you’ll notice a slight Regina Spektor vibe in her voice that just adds to the whimsical feel. Tracks like Everywhere I Go and Life is Rosy, has a familiar vibe to it. They also come with an uptempo beat and positive lyrics.

On the other hand, The Lucky One is a slower single that showcases the artists’ more serious side. Her voice sounds like teenager that’s wise beyond her years.

Jess Penner’s songs resonate with the energy of life. They’re the perfect soundtrack to special moments, whether it’s your first kiss; the moment you get married, have a child or simply realize that everything will work out. Her simple but meaningful words as well as laid back sound makes her easy to appreciate as a musician.

Growing in the Cold is a record that’s full of sunshine, hope, happiness and good times. Take time to download it, all she asks is for your email in return. It’s a pretty good bargain if you ask me. Enjoy!

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