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The Please & Thank Yous: Mind Yr P’s & Q’s

These Chicago natives describe their journey on their Facebook as "a bunch of wimps started practicing in a basement. Some left, others joined, and a couple managed to remain constant. They are playing shows, touring, and recording their sophomore slump." Well, those basement practices sure did pay off. The Please & Thank Yous sound is jolly punk pop, reminiscent of Goldfinger from the 90s and the many punk bands that never took themselves too seriously. It's this carefree and honesty that makes them interesting to listen to. Mind Yr P's & Q's is the band's full length debut. It's a mix of both old and new songs; narrating the bands personal take on the various happenings of life.

Entertainment for the Braindead: Roadkill

Entertainment for the Braindead is a moniker taken on by Julia Kotowski, a one woman band hailing from Cologne, Germany. Roadkill is the 5th full compilation from the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist. Known for her gorgeous folk music, this latest album is no exception. The record was born out of the artists desire to explore a new instrument, particularly the banjo. Playing with sweet reverie, her songs are filled with the beautiful strings of this country style instrument. Julia has been releasing music since 2007. Her first album Hypersomnia along with all her other releases are licensed under a Creative Commons and offered for free.

ne:o Ė direkt (live)

Ne:o is a German band that mixes a whole lot of genres to create an essentially artistic piece of work. The group recently released a live performance compilation to cap off their German tour last 2009. It wasn't meant to be the last group performance but until today it remains to be seen whether the guys will be getting back together or not. The album is available at Aaahh Records as well as on Internet Archive. Ne:o played songs from previous albums, ‚ne:omuzic‚, ‚musikkritik‚ and the critically acclaimed, ‚illoj‚. Listening to this band is like taking a wonderful, psychedelic music trip where you encounter layers and layers of sound as well as instruments that beautifully harmonize or mingle with each other. Take a listen.