If Tetris makes you crave for more quality arcade-gaming, than its certainly time to play Glass Tower 3 on the iOS.

The game is all about blocks, with a new & fresh twist. Unlike other games in this genre, you have to break some blocks and you have to save some blocks in order to win the game. It is also based on a physics, which makes it more entertaining, challenging and unique to play.

Glass Tower 3 centers around maneuvering two main block colors: Blue and Red. While you have to go out and crash all the Blue ones (they add up to your total score depending on the size of the block in question), the Red ones have to be saved. For every Red block destroyed you loose points and “one” life is subtracted from the game – a hefty fine to pay.

Also, there are other color blocks that contain bonuses. Players are faced with the challenge to break these colored blocks and reveal the bonus hidden within. Once the block is broken, the bonus hurries up towards the edge of the screen, and within a short-span of time, the player has to tap on the escaping bonus to use it to his/her advantage in game-play.

The game, like most others begins, on a very easy scale. Its only when you dash through a few levels you experience the difficulty level rising. Glass Tower 3 is developed on a physical-based engine resulting in various finishes to a single level. Game progress is continuously saved, so you can continue where you left off from. Gameplay is very intuitive and is a real treat to the eyes when being played on the Retina-Display.

Glass Tower 3 is available on the App Store in iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad provided they are running on iOS 4 and above. The game integrates with Game Center so you can achieve bragging rights among your friends and pin-down foes to challenges, and create new-records.

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