Placing the root of his craft to a greater level, NanosauR deploys its wings on electronic and chillwave tunes.

Hailing from San Francisco bay area, NanosauR is the musical off-spring of producer/musician Michael Solorzano. Released last April 19 2011, his full-length album Imagination Projects offers 14 tracks of undeniably tasteful music.

Storys flutters down with soft tunes and charming key tones. Layers over layers of echoing vocals add an ambient flair to the track.

Following with a bass driven undertone, Cntrl Alt Del is a heartfelt manifesto of a love seeking for a fresh start. I love how the title fits to its electronic/futuristic sentimentality.

Loose yourself on the dance floor with Move Your Feet. With artistically-manipulated beats and voice overlays, NanosauR has showcased his refined musical palette.

Maintaining a club vibe, Late Night Romance is fully-loaded with psychedelic electronic tunes. This is the perfect song for those seeking a steady high.

Closing track Take it Off maneuvers the listeners to the nightmares and bliss of their imagination. The mixture of pitch-altered vocals and upbeat tunes proves NanosauR’s ability to build his own brand.

All in all, Imagination Projects is a vivid portrait of a musician who is making the transition to a polished artist that can execute musical ideas with skilled precision.

So download, press play and spread the love.

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