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Aquamacs is a distribution of the well-known and powerful Emacs text editor. Developed by David Reitter, it looks just like a Mac app and runs like one. However, it retains the power of GNU Emacs. In short, it brings you the power of Emacs as well as the configurability but with an easier to use interface.


Brackets is a free open source web development tool designed for front end developers and professional web designers. While there are plenty of web editors around, Brackets differs because it combines all the essential tools in the editor as you’re coding. It also saves all the changes you make automatically without the need to reload, but there’s more.


Ever though about bringing words to life in your text messages? Well than make sure to try out Zlango, an app that really adds the zing to the "Ohh, so boring text messages" with the icons, smileys, backgrounds and the work. Developed by Zlango Ltd., the developers have done a fantastic job with this app. College-goers and the youth would adore the whole look, feel and twist the app gives to their text messages.


There are several other apps available on the market that allow users for a free SMS and MMS messaging; and as any good competition goes there are some that are better than others. Hence, here is another feather in the hat with Handcent. The Handcent app gives a very interesting twist to the whole User-Interface of the device without any hiccups. Developed by Handcent themselves, the app is ultra-responsive and lag-free with no glitches (at least nothing I have ever noticed). Yes, it is safe to say, this truly is one-of-the-best apps on the Android Market.

EditPad Lite – Free Text Editor for Windows

Do you feel that your usual plain text editor needs a little more "oomph" into it? Are you looking for features that the Windows default just doesn't have? Then EditPad Lite may be the program for you. EditPad Lite is a free text editor on the Windows platform that may be small and compact (the installer file is only 3.1 MB, and the installed file can easily fit in your portable storage device of choice), but it's powerful enough and delivers many new features, including opening tabs, find-and-replace, and color customization, to satisfy your basic word processing needs.