Kami Armstrong is described as a young singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas “with dirty fingernails and a heart on her sleeve.” Her songs are typical of the teenage dilemma; heartaches, admiration, and quiet musings about life.

Certain Little Thing is a simple album that collects the young artist’s various recorded demos. Her other releases includes two Christmas singles which were released prior to this one.

If you check out Kami’s Youtube site, you’ll find live performances of some of the songs on here plus other videos showing a snippet of the singers life.¬†

Accompanied by her acoustic guitar and folky vocals, the album is littered with tracks that are hearfelt and musically sweet. The album starts off with Blonde Haired Boy; an acoustic single that flourishes with quiet singing and melodic guitars.

Almost all of thesongs here are quite raw, exposing the singer’s strong vocals.¬†Tracks that you should check out when you listen to the album include the piano-infused, July; the lyrically reflective, Kitchen Shears; and the somber cut, Bathwater.

Certain Little Thing is at it’s best a lofi quiet acoustic folk pop album. Don’t expect it to be polished since obviously this is a diy compilation. Despite being a stripped down record, it rings true with a beautiful mellow sound that’s both endearing and reflective. If you’re needing some company for a quiet day, then take a listen to this one.

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