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Kami Armstrong: Certain Little Thing

Kami Armstrong is described as a young singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas "with dirty fingernails and a heart on her sleeve." Her songs are typical of the teenage dilemma; heartaches, admiration, and quiet musings about life. Certain Little Thing is a simple album that collects the young artist's various recorded demos. Her other releases includes two Christmas singles which were released prior to this one. If you check out Kami's Youtube site, you'll find live performances of some of the songs on here plus other videos showing a snippet of the singers life.

The Patinettes: Bliss

Playing a mix of country, folk, rock and a bit of pop, The Patinettes certainly know how to reel listeners in. With their brand of music, this five piece crew from Zaragoza, Spain are slowly making the rounds and getting their name known among internet music lovers. Although there's not much about the band online, just one listen to their songs and you'll realize why they deserve a spot on your player. Filled with retro surf rock flair, beautiful vocals and a catchy bluegrass/country vibe; it's hard not fall for the album. The band is offering their record for free download over at Jamendo. It's licensed under a Creative Commons.

Mike Falzone & The Pepermint Trick “Do It For The Story” – Indie Pop, with a minty aftertaste promoted on FrostWire

Mike Falzone is back with a new band by his side and a new album entitled "Do It For The Story". Just as his previous release, "Fun with Honesty", this one is full of "infections lyrics, catchy melody, and humor". Guitar & drum heavy tracks dominate the album and Mike's engaging voice makes it a real pleasure to listen to. Licensed under Creative Commons, it's available as a free download via FrostWire and is meant to be widely shared with all family and friends!