acoustic folk

Alice: Staying South

If you ask us, we prefer to “stay south”, at least within the realms of Alice‘s world. The pretty songstress chooses to remain unknown to the world except for her mononym (her real name is Alice Redfem), which is perfectly acceptable since we’d gladly accept that she use her talents to get famous, rather than, well, twirk.

Jeremy Messersmith: The Reluctant Graveyard

Bored of the usual pumpkins and cadaver costumes? Jeremy Messersmith‘s music is here to spice up your Halloween celebrations! Okay, so we’re probably taking the title of his 2010 album (The Reluctant Graveyard) too literally, but its songs really do imbibe the graveyard theme — we kid you not — that’s enough to get you through the occasion.

Jordan O’Shea: Her Name Was French Cinema

Her Name Was French Cinema is a collection of 5 acoustic folk pop tracks from singer/songwriter Jordan O'Shea. Recorded in his "shedquarters," the album is enveloped with dreamy melodies and a beautiful haze of lazy afternoon lounging. Despite being a home recording, the album exploits this to add a gorgeous, homey feel to each of the tracks. Coupled with great harmonies and simple instrument work; it's easy to drift along with each single.

Trotting Bear: Morning

Trotting Bear's music should be synonymous to relaxing acoustic folk. The sound emanating from the beautiful guitars is enough to make you want to listen and just leave it playing for a good long while. The man behind the sound is Andy Berkhout, a singer songwriter who has had several albums and records released under his name. Trotting Bear is one of his side projects and serves as a short extension of his usual folk/Americana, lofi sound.

The Wall & The Window: The Years EP

Like a soft whisper, The Wall & The Window have mastered the beauty of singing quiet and hushed up lullabies. According to the band, The Years EP takes you back to a time when a recording was meant as "an actual record of a moment in time, like a photograph in motion, framed for an instant within the borders of the picture." Fully done on a 4-track cassette, it has that lofi, yet polished and spontaneous feel. Behind this great folk EP are songwriters, Adam Mormolstein and Kristen Hotschlag.

Hudson: Eastward

Eastward by Hudson is just the right music you need after going through a barrage of parties & other fast paced craziness thanks to the Holidays. Contained within the compilation is some of the finest and most melodic pieces you'll hear. The band is made up of duo, John Boswell and Will Crowle. With a sound that resembles a sweet and comforting pat on the back, the songs on the record tell the story of a man who goes on a journey to rescue his brother from captivity.

Kami Armstrong: Certain Little Thing

Kami Armstrong is described as a young singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas "with dirty fingernails and a heart on her sleeve." Her songs are typical of the teenage dilemma; heartaches, admiration, and quiet musings about life. Certain Little Thing is a simple album that collects the young artist's various recorded demos. Her other releases includes two Christmas singles which were released prior to this one. If you check out Kami's Youtube site, you'll find live performances of some of the songs on here plus other videos showing a snippet of the singers life.

Matthew Solberg: I Am a Fool

Influenced by singers like, Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Elliot Smith, it's no surprise that Matthew Solberg creates music like he does. He weaves together gorgeous acoustic guitar playing, a serene atmosphere and thoughtful lyrics in his debut album, I Am a Fool. Composed of 7 tracks, each of the song was written and recorded by the artist. Floating between acoustic folk to melodic pop, this debut EP will prove great company if you're feeling a little pensive. The Nashville, Tenessee native has released a couple of albums so far. Apart from this debut EP, his latest release is a self-titled compilation that's as lush and filled with beautiful songs just like this one.