Tired of staring at your plain, same old desktop for hours? Or you can’t seem to find a perfect way to organize all those icons which cover almost half of your desktop? Or you want to put sticky notes on your desktop but they all look so boring? Here’s one solution for you – BumpTop!
BumpTop transforms your bland desktop into a real 3D desktop. Pin notes on your desktop’s floor or bang them up against the wall – you’d surely love playing with your desktop!

BumpTop makes organizing your desktop icons easier than ever. You can choose to pile them together, like a neat stack of papers sitting prettily on your desk. You can also preview pictures without even opening them; shrink them, or make them grow, then pin them right on your desktop just like you would in your real-life workspace. You can also place sticky notes on your desktop to remind you of things that you need to do, or for a little pick-me-up note to yourself.


Aside from grouping together your files, you can also drop pictures on the Facebook widget and it will automatically upload pictures to your profile. You can also do the same to the Twitter widget. Moreover, you can put photo frames which automatically cycles through your desired pictures. You can choose a Flickr RSS feed, or a picture folder in your computer.

You can also toss files to the Mail widget and it will automatically attach the file in an email message, ready to be sent to your recipient.

The thing I love about BumpTop is that I can type on my desktop, and it will automatically highlight the icons. When I press enter, it will automatically open that particular icon. For a messy desktop junkie who can’t seem to find stuff on her desktop, it simply works like a charm.

You can download other themes, or you can choose to put your own wallpaper as the floor’s background.

BumpTop offers full support for Windows 7 touch features, and it definitely works great with those touch-screen tablet laptops. Otherwise, you can always grab touch-screen monitor for your desktop computer. Although it is now only available for Windows, a Linux and Mac commercial version is under development.

BumpTop comes in FREE and PRO versions, but there is no limit in using the free version; you can just place two sticky notes and you can’t use the flip function. However, all things are functional and you can definitely enjoy this little software to spruce up your desktop.

BumpTop definitely makes my desktop a real 3D desktop, and I’m sticking it right there. What about you?

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