Liberate some love in Made Bed, a five-minuter short that combines voice and vision. Written and directed by Kevin Oestenstad, this litte piece of visual masterpiece conveys raw emotion about courage, life, and great men. Mainly using narration, the filmmakers takes us on a tour that savors on picturesque images and brilliant shots. Much is given credit to Kevin Oestenstad and Tony Swaney's acting prowess. The undeniable talent that they have showcased served as the backbone for such a polished film.

Jericho: On His Biggest Heartbreak

Written and directed by Liam Gavin, this award-winning film Jericho follows the journey of a man who was losing his own life as his wife just lost hers out of a medical condition. You may find yourself empathizing for this man as you feel the sadness in his silence. The brilliance of the acting and direction are projected as you look at his face–the age, loneliness, and desperation.

3×3 by Nuno Rocha

3x3 by the talented Nuno Rocha delivers us a quick laugh to brighten up those gloomy days. Awarded and selected by numerous film festival both in Spain and other countries including a recent stint at the 27+One Film Festival in Russia, this short comedy is a splendid mix of wit and great craftsmanship. The film opens with a night watchman who spends time practicing on a basketball court. He shows his expert abilities to a simple janitor, who then uses an unlikely way to perfect shooting a ball into a basket.

The Gift

This sci-fi film set in Russia is one testament that anything belonging to the genre may not just be about a thrilling display of robots and time machines as products of humans and science and technology. The Gift got an excellent direction from Carl E. Rinsch as he first set the mood of the story in a quite silent and menacing way – with a man holding the gift, extravagantly wrapped in red and gold, and travelling towards a house where the peak of the action finally begins.

The Secret Number

Hop on an intense, psychic experience with The Secret Number directed by Colin Levy. Based on the short story The Secret Number by Igor Teper, this psychological sci-fi drama has already made a splash on the festival circuit and garnered numerous awards such as the Best Student Film (Savannah Film Festival), Langan Student Cinematography Award, City of Savannah Award, Jury Award for Best Short Film (Charleston International Film Festival), and an Official Selection for the Newport Beach Film Festival.

IMDb Movies & TV

This is an app that needs no introduction at all, so without any introduction let us have a little chat about it. The brand itself has a huge following already and their app has to live upto certain expectations from their loyalist. Developed by IMDb themselves, the quality of the app is guaranteed and so is the information provided through it. The app is very useful and keeps viewers updated about a host of happening such as movie showtimes, TV listings, trailers and much more.

Moving Takahashi

Cuddle up with a loved one while watching Moving Takahashi, a pleasant addition to the "bad boy" romance genre. This Kickstarter-funded short film was directed by Josh Soskin, an LA-based writer/director. It stars the model-turned-actor Boyd Holdbrook and the innocent-looking Kristin Malco. The film talks about a young hustler/mover (Holdbrook) who stumbles upon a suicidal daughter (Malco) while moving furniture out of a posh LA home. The mover's original plan of robbery changed in a rare fit of conscience to help the dying girl.

Successful Alcoholics

After its round on the film festival circuit, Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Successful Alcoholics is ready to take over the world wide web. This short comedy have made a lot of buzz since its premiere on the Sundance Film Festival last 2010. It features rising stars T.J. Miller (Get Him to the Greek) and Lizzy Caplan (True Blood and New Girl) as they play a co-dependent couple who clings to their high-paying jobs while undergoing severe alcoholism.

Return of the Ghostbusters [A Fan Film] – The Denver Ghostbusters are Back

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? This might not be "the" Ghostbusters movie everybody is waiting for neither is it the best fan made one, but it certainly is a lot of fun to watch. Moreover, it is especially satisfying to those who have been waiting for so long for the actual film to get picked up. Return of the Ghostbusters is a fan made film that follows the Denver Ghostbusters as they fight off an Egyptian apparition. Created as a sequel to the cult hit Freddy VS Ghostbusters, this movie is enjoyable to watch as long as you're not picky about getting non-Hollywood quality productions.