This week, revamp your playlist with a new energy-driven addition, POP by I Am Kawehi or simply, Kawehi. The singer/songwriter from Los Angeles has formed a steady core following with numerous albums on Bandcamp and features on online music sites.

This six-track set is fueled with upbeat pop tunes that gives a pleasurable listening experience. Welcoming the ears with an edgy electric guitar intro and an infectious drum hook, Girl Gone Good is a highly addictive track that’s designed to make you move and shake a little bit.

One of the standout tracks, Burn is a curious combination of whimsical melodies and sexy beats. Kawehi’s sultry vocals gives this track much luster and smoothness. Close your eyes and let chill, rhythmic tunes take your worries away.


Oozing with female power and sexiness, Magazine features vintage pin-up musings that reminds you of red lipstick and Mouline Rouge. Stingy electric guitar solos and bold strums of acoustic guitar gives this song sass and flavor.

POP is an album that definitely boasts polished aesthetic and ferocity that punches our ears with excitement. It is a well-crafted salute to the genre.

Track List:
1. Girl Gone Good
2. Burn
3. Y.A.M.S.
4. Magazine
5. Criminal
6. Burn (Demo – Acoustic)

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