Raised among the oil and stain of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Julia Haltigan channels the unruliness of her hometown to her music, presenting to the stage a tough, sharp-edged rocker with a sultry voice.

Julia Haltigan & The Hooligans is the songstress’ second release, which features twelve flirtatious and moving pieces that walks along the avenue of blues rock.

Hole In My Heart opens the album with low-key guitar that sway waywardly as Julia’s lush yet grungy voice caresses each tone. Notes of stringy fiddle on the background adds a folk, soothing touch to the track.

I Took It All showcases Julia’s supple voice that’s extremely precise with each periodic build-up of instrument. The song is entertaining as each sound made plays an integral part in creating a musical journey where Julia is the storyteller.

In Ready, Julia interweaves Jazz and Blues flavors, coupled with a voice reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse, this is the perfect anthem for romantic dinners or late-night drinks.

Maybe Its A Virus injects a high dosage of quirk and fun with jumpy blues rock arrangement that gives life to effortlessly-delivered vocals. The song banks on its catchiness, and with addition of intricate piano keys and smooth saxophone melodies, this is certainly a playlist must-have.

Even at fist play, Julia Haltigan is undoubtedly a promising artist that has a penchant in twirling and playing with her voice, entertaining the listeners not with super rehearsed delivery, but with pure talent.

Track List:
1. Hole In My Heart
2. I Took It All
3. Knocking At The Door
4. Ready
5. Heavy Cream
6. I Miss The Day I Met You
7. Maybe Its A Virus
8. Things
9. Shes Looking Up To You
10. A Mermaids Tail
11. Lost On A Salty Sea
12. Can’t Run Away

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