Mozes and the Firstborn‘s self-titled debut album is in true 70’s garage fashion. The album contains 12 tracks and all have that distinct musical style that will set Mozes and the Firstborn apart from their peers.

Bloodsucker will not actually suck out your blood, but will suck out all the boredom in your veins. The track is fresh, catchy, and unexpectedly lively for a 70’s garage pop. Here, we are introduced to an impressively distinctive vocals of the group.

That perfect, witty guitar and bass strumming as an intro, I Got Skills will most likely be the favorite track for the 70’s garage pop lovers. You might really want to sing along with this track, and jam along with the band. It spins interestingly, and with vocals that are clearly distinctive, the track embodies the band’s style. It has an interesting fusion of garage and soft psychedelic rock.

Skinny Girl is a reminiscent of Beatles’ musical style (or may be because it 70’s) but fuses with the psychedelic rock. It is hypnotic, but has an unexpected pinch of humor with the chorus part (“skinny, skinny girl”). The guitar work is steady, and is in sync with the drums—a treat because it does not mess up and is ingeniously clean track.

Down With The Band does not leave the band’s distinctive style, though it has more soulful vocals than the usual.This track tugs heartstrings at some point. It is poignant that seem to tell the band’s own story. Unlike their other tracks, “Down With The Band” is for gentler jamming inside an actual garage.

More than the 70’s musical influence, Mozes and the Firstborn proved that they are more than ready to conquer new heights for their blossoming musical career in their self-titled album.

Track List:
1. Bloodsucker
2. Peter Jr.
3. What’s Wrong Momma
4. I Got Skills
5. Seasons
6. Time’s A Headache
7. Skinny Girl
8. Heaven
9. Gimme Some
10. Down With The Band
11. Party Crasher
12. Heaven Reprise

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