Deep bass, wild party synths and smooth disco feel; this amazing compilation is courtesy of Los Angeles native, Santiago Calogero. Better known under the alias, Maximus York; Freedomtown EP is his latest release.

It comes with four free tracks that you can download and check out. Combining a flurry of beats and some upbeat thumping bass, the songs seem perfectly destined for any hot nightspot where dancing is the main topic.

Freshly released and all original, Freedomtown EP features various instruments, synths and samples thrown in huge vat of electronic house music. Opening title track already showers listeners with a nice rhythm that’s absolutely tailor made for the dance club. Its followed by, Wrong Place, Wrong Time with its 80s style disco beat and modern synths. One of those tracks you can’t help but tap your feet or bob your head with wherever you might be listening from.

Timetravel Tuesdays (Original Mix) by Maximus York

Meanwhile, Time Travel Tuesdays and Like You Mean It, fill up the second half of the short EP. Both songs are danceable and are saturated with keyboards and spacey sounds; conjuring images of futuristic disco travel of sorts. It actually seems like the type of music they would play on the Starship Enterprise if they were having a disco party up there in space.

Even though the EP is quite short at only four songs, you get a great helping of electro, dance music to enjoy. Take a listen and grab the download. It deserves a worthy spot on your playlist.

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