Plenty of reviewers have been comparing I The Mighty to bands like Say Anything; the similarities aren’t difficult to spot though. Their sound is a great mix of punk rock tinged with an indie touch along with similar (but more subdued) lyrics compared to something you’ll hear blurted out from the Say Anything boys.

Hearts and Spades is a beautifully produced debut EP from the foursome. It’s offered for free right on their BandCamp page since the boys say “they would rather share their music than make a few extra bucks.” Their sound occasionally jumps between indie, alternative, to sometimes progressive rock; with full-blown guitar fests to match. It’s a nice little semi-loud compilation that should get you started on your day.

These twenty-something San Francisco natives have only been around for a short while but from the looks (or sound) of things, they definitely have a bright future ahead. Hearts and Spades features 5 really catchy alternative rock tracks that doesn’t take a genius to love.

From the getgo, Technicolor gives you the impression that these boys know what they’re doing. The song is terribly likable, from the vocals to the nice mix of instruments. In fact, after a few listens it’s not surprising to find yourself adding it to your regular playlist. It’s a nice indie pop cut that you can play over and over again without much damage plus the lyrics aren’t bad as well.

The boys breeze through the rest of the EP with the same energy and pomp they gave the first track. Title track, Hearts and Spades, exudes a mid-tempo indie pop flair while Just Drive plays with a more somber tone.

I The Mighty seems to be the overall package; with great lyrics, catchy tunes, skillful instrument use, good vocals and simply well-put together songs. Taking a cue from this EP, their full album should be something worth checking out. Take a listen.

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