Another intriguing release from one of the most active electro ambient netlabels today; Cut Music is showcasing Kiev producer, Koloah, and making his latest effort Love EP, a part of their 2012 roster.

The label has been sharing one great compilation after another and this is the 11th release from them.

Most of their compilations have gained considerable attention and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, several of these EPs were also also featured right here on the Frostclick blog.

Blending in a tropical/ethnic vibe with steady percussion and smooth dance grooves, In The Beginning, gorgeously opens the short EP. The carefully placed vocal samples convey a mystical feel to the track and the mid-tempo dance beat should serve as a club staple.

Meanwhile, I’m In Love With U, features a more serious dancefloor beat. Showcasing fluttering vocals and great synths, the song prompts listeners to race for the dancefloor and simply enjoy. In contrast, title track, Love, slows down the tempo a bit and provides a gentle electronic R&B vibe. It’s perfect for creating a cool yet subtle atmosphere after going all out on dance tracks.

The only real downside to this EP is that it’s quite short. With only three songs, the party is over at only 15 minutes or so. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best releases Cut Music has offered. Go on and grab the download. While you’re at it, make sure to check out their other compilations as well.

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