Are you still trying to figure out what music to get lost in today? How about an electrifying mix of hip-hop beats, synths, gorgeous melodies, powerful lyrics, and piercing vocals from more than just amazing up-and-coming singer songwriter Baiyu. Sounds good? Than you are in luck because Baiyu and FrostClick have teamed up to share five great tracks just with you, all for free!

Fan Fair is truly a treat and as explained by the artist it is “really for you… the one that’s stuck by me through thick and thin, and told me that I could do anything I set my heart out to do. You’re the one that pushed me to create, to be inspired and to be inspiring. Therefore, my thank you comes in the form of song, and these songs are made for your pure, unadulterated enjoyment.”

Starting with Take A Number (feat. Fred the Godson) the record fires off with synths and hip-hop beats that will make you ask one question only: why haven’t I hear this before? Yes, the sounds come close to all of today’s radio hits… with a little extra spice for added originality, that is. It’s professional quality combined with Baiyu’s gorgeous, piercing vocals will certainly make for a great addition to any party playlist.

There is no weak point in Fan Fair but there is certainly a personal favorite. Together combines beautifully flowing melodies, heart-felt lyrics, a little touch of R’n’B and Baiyu’s playful personality taking over the music video. Shot in the streets and subways of NYC the video was quickly greeted with positive response and was even picked up by the MTV networks.

Baiyu has been fascinated with sound from the very young age; with inspiration taken directly from the most powerful ladies (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston) exuding equally powerful vocals.

As the time passed, Baiyu has immersed herself in activities ranging from dance to theater. She has been modeling and acting, with appearances in numerous independent films and spending three years as a host of the MTVu’s show “The Freshmen”. And then after finishing her studies at Princeton University the first EP was released, entering the music scene with a bang.

Since you are reading this post it means that you have most likely already downloaded the album, free for all our FrostClick fans and FrostWire users, of course; so if you like what you hear and want to give something back, be sure to head to artist’s official BandCamp page and give a dollar or two – as Baiyu is donating all of the proceedings from the album towards Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief.

Update: On January 2nd 2012, Baiyu:Fan Fair broke a FrostWire record with 6,219 downloads in a period of 24 hours.


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