My Sad Captains is a four piece group from London whose music evokes thoughts of childish grins on carousel rides; teenage crushes and perfect morning soundtracks.

Resolutions is the band’s most recent EP. It contains 5 freshly recorded tracks and released by the band as a complement to their most recent record, Fight Less, Win More.

This short compilation even includes one single from the album, Resolutions, and contains the same melody filled indie folk sound that allows the band to create a lasting impression.

Title track, Resolutions, opens the EP with a slightly upbeat indie acoustic beat. The guitars add enough energy to help turn it into an easy-listening cut that seems destined to kickstart a relaxing day. Winning Streak, on the other hand, imbues the EP with gentle acoustic pop and low-key vocals. It’s essentially a zoned out Flaming Lips track complete with quirky lyrics about heartbreak and love.

Adventures picks up the pace a tad bit. Pockets of prominent bass are sprinkled at the background of the song, adding a nice little touch. Meanwhile, Meta, closes the EP. If you listen closely, the song is as much a warning as it is a beautiful piece; with somewhat detached lines thrown around like “everybody is siphoning somebody else.”

In the end, the short EP is a comfortable compilation to put on and listen to. It may not move mountains but the sense of familiarity listeners get with the tracks is enough to make it a winner. My Sad Captains seems to have found a nice little formula that works for them. Go take a listen and see if you like it.

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