With short pops of energy, this self titled debut from Canto el Cuerpo Electrico is a likable compilation even if you may not speak the language.

Carrying a simple acoustic pop sound, the album is filled with 10 cuts recorded by Lautaro Barcelo and crew. A few of the tracks included in the album first made an appearance in the Lupacchiotto Project; a musical project started by Lautaro where one track is offered for free each day until the end of days.

Filled with happy and melodic tracks, this self titled debut still bears plenty of great cuts that should be noted.

Joining Lautaro in this new project are Ezequiel Dobrovsky, Matas Gonzalez, Luciano Mutinelli and Juan Abraham.

Opening the compilation is Poca Obvia Cancion de Amor or roughly translated as “Little Obvious Love Song.” After two or three listens, it’s easy to make this song a staple on your morning playlist. It has a nice jaunty tune and background harmonies that complement the vocals beautifully.

Although the more upbeat tunes create a happy mood for the compilation, there are several slow, quiet cuts that standout as well. Soy Tu Televisor (I’m Your Television) is a simple semi-acoustic cut featuring slightly high-pitched vocal work and dreamy melodies while Loco, turns down the pace slower with a cerebral, depressing vibe.
You’ll find a gorgeous mix of acoustic tracks on here. The songs flourish with charm and simplicity that makes it standout. Listen and see if you like it.

Track list:
1. Poca obvia canción de amor
2. Bye bye
3. Soy tu televisor
4. Don de vivir
5. Picardías
6. Festejo
7. Jeremías Ascot
8. Loco
9. Abrasivos
10. Hay gente que sólo sabe de moverse

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