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Art As Catharsis: Stargazing under Southern Skies

Looking for a great compilation that will introduce you to new up and coming Aussie rock bands? Then you got yourself a great deal for stumbling across this awesome compilation. Stargazing under Southern Skies is a collection of tracks picked by the folks at Art As Catharsis. The Sydney-based underground label gathered together some of the best underground Aussie shoegaze, ambient, post rock groups and placed their music in one massive album.

CrayonBeats Presents Vol 4 : Girls Named Tiffany

What started out as a personal space evolved into a haven for music, fashion and the arts. CrayonBeats is an online site that compiles and promotes musicians from across the globe. Spearheaded by two girls named Tiffany, the site was set up in 2006 and has evolved throughout the years. CrayonBeats Presents Vol 4 is the site’s latest compilation album. It includes some of the best musicians with Tiffany in their names and features 10-tracks that range from acoustic pop to hip hop. The album is also offered absolutely free and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Musical Mathematics: First Time’s a Charm

First Time's a Charm is a free compilation culled together by online indie music site/zine, Musical Mathematics. The site does reviews, features, promotions, and sells various music from up and coming indie rock bands. What started as a small little place for bringing and exposing indie music has grown into quite a collective. The site now boasts various writers, designers and contributors; helping share and bring internet fans a taste of indie music heaven. The site pretty much reviews and tackles different bands from different countries but they also strive to bring some of their local Leeds talents a chance to shine.

Punk’s Undead: Volume 2

Sematary Records is serious about bringing back good old punk rock. Following their successful compilation, Punk's Undead Volume 1, this second album is their latest tribute to the raucous and defining genre. Composed of "25 instant classics from the Midwest;" the album compiles tunes from various punk rock bands both old and new. You'll find a handful of loud and energetic songs on here that'll keep you awake all through the night.

Receptacle Magazine: Receptacle Magazine Vol #3

Receptacle Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine that focuses on anything about the arts. Founded back in 2010, the magazine interviews artists, shares music from various, exciting bands and overall, just showcases their love for art. Receptacle Magazine Vol#3 is the accompanying mix for their third issue. Consisting of 10 tracks from different artists that play music ranging from eclectic folk, indie & new wave to rock. Some of the bands and artists featured in the record include Boris Smile, Doctor KA, The House, Spazzkid among others.

Enough Dubs 2 – Compilation Sequel from EnoughRecords

EnoughRecords released a well-received music compilation called “Enough Dubs” in 2008. After two years of waiting, music enthusiasts can now get the sequel, “Enough Dubs 2” still for free. Bass lovers should listen to “Enough Dubs 2” for its bass-focused arrangements from contributing musicians worldwide. Two years is a long time, but EnoughRecords makes up for the long wait by besting itself on this one. “Enough Dubs 2” was compiled by PS & Dipswitch.

The Silent Ballet Volume XV – compilation album from The Lost Children netlabel

Just a short time ago The Lost Children netlabel and The Silent Ballet released their XIV installment of the compilation series. Now they are ready with number XV and they don't disappoint again. The compilation contains 12 strong electronic, ambient, post-rock tracks - some even with a hint of metal. It's not really a relaxing album, but you will get a nice variety of moods - anything from laud drum filled Hiérophante to calm and airy Turn Tail.

Be Shareful – Cologne Commons 3rd Compilation

There is "sharefulness" in the music biz again as Cologne Commons has released "Be Shareful," its third compilation of ambient music featuring electro-folk chillout sounds. The first and second Cologne Commons music compilations were well-received by music enthusiasts around the world, which makes this third issue a much awaited follow up. As in the past editions, this compilation is named after Cologne City in Germany, where a festival for free music is held every year.