One of the newest kids on the block, Cult Classic Record is an online netlabel that aims to share and promote new talent in the world of music. Mainly focusing on trip hop, jazz and ambient beats, the label has quite a few artists under their roster.

Friends and Family is an attempt to compile some of the best tracks from these musicians, and showcase what they have to offer in just one place.

It’s offered absolutely free over BandCamp and is an awesome way to discover new artists in the genre.

Friends and Family is both a simple and complicated record. It’s composed of 15 strong tracks that hail from the label’s own artists (“family”) and artists associated with the label (“friends”).

The single, Per Sempre from London-producer, Two Days to Alaska starts the album. It’s a quiet and moody cut that mimics the dark gloominess after a morning rain. Beautifully weaving a variety of instruments like the cello and guitar while incorporating the occasional vocal samples; it sets up the atmosphere for the other tracks nicely.

Going through the record, you’ll find plenty of soothing gems on here. One track worth noting include the jazzy beat, Azure, performed by current Miami/Pittsburgh native, Rookie the Cook. Conjuring up steady drums with touches of pianos and subtle samples, the song easily slips in and enhances the atmosphere easily. Other cuts to take a listen to include, Kondor’s Soft Look, Berry Weight’s Sax on the Beach as well as the hypnotic number, Hunting for Dragons by Thomas Prime. 

Family and Friends makes for great company if all you want to do is relax and enjoy a gloomy morning. Cult Classic Records is stepping up to their promise of bringing the freshest talents they could find. It’s a great record that listeners shouldn’t pass up.

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