Ohio native electronic artist Freeze-Tag introduces a dance based prisma-chromatic sound to the electronic soundscape. Utilizing melodies that are inspired by futuristic and retrograde tones, Eskimo EP fleshes out atmospheric tunes that balances between beat and flow.

Freeze-Tag raises the bar of his chosen genre and this is evident in the opening track, Twice, which blossoms with extending atmospheric melodies while maintaining a hooking beat on the background.

Title track Eskimo is an experimental piece that combines video-game-sounding tunes with ambient, spacey musings and rapid beats. The track relies on its ability to play with pauses to add texture to the song.


Dog Days is an energized piece that flows in the ears like waves—from slow, chill melodies to upbeat dance-induced tunes. While Kiss, Kiss, Kiss ends the album with clear sonic highlights and polished arrangement that consistently meet the high standard of electro dance advocates.

Eskimo EP shines because it lives up to its musical ambition, tweaking and delivering a fresh sound to a well-loved genre.

Track List:
1. Twice
2. Eskimo
3. Dog Days
4. Hours (Ours)
5. Fall in Love
6. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

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