We Fell Asleep in Winter and Woke Up in June might be a mouthful for an album title but it nevertheless, easily depicts the mood set out by this mini compilation. Created by singer/songwriter Luke Roberts or better known as Hey, Sleeper; the short record features acoustic tracks done by the artist.

Filled with simple and heartwarming melodies, these are the kind of songs you’ll want with you on a quiet afternoon.

The mini EP was released on BandCamp last June 2012 and currently offered as a free download.

Brimming with beautiful acoustic sounds while accompanied with soothing vocals, We Fell Asleep in Winter and Woke Up in June makes for great company if all you need is a background for your thoughts. The short EP contains 5 tracks and includes two live performances.

Tiny Boat, starts off the short record with a heartfelt acoustic piece accompanied by guitars and melodic singing. It’s painfully short at only a little over a minute but that’s enough time to convey feelings of confusion and reflection. On the other hand, Tear in My Heart, resonates with a quiet truth and carries an ounce of beautiful melancholia especially when you listen to the lyrics. Pi, continues the quiet reverie while, I Am Not Yours, (a live performance) finishes the record.

If you’re in the mood for some mellow down time, you can’t go wrong with popping this album on your player. Sure, it’s a bit too short and sometimes, I wish the songs themselves were a bit longer; but nevertheless, its heartfelt beauty shines through. Grab the download, should be worth a listen.

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