Exuding folky shoegaze 70s style rock is something these Rennes septet is very good at. Sudden Death of Stars carry a hypnotizing sound that’s great to wake up to on a lazy Saturday morning.

This is their first EP and it contains 5-tracks recorded and released back in 2010. Employing old school instruments, analog recording and an ethereal psychedelic vibe, the album is a lush soundscape filled with interesting bits to please listeners.

Apart from this, the boys have released a new record which should be up on the blog as well.

From the onset, listeners are greeted by a low key garage psych cut in, Whirligig. The song employs a sleepy melody and awesome mish-mash of instruments. You’d find a hint of Brian Jonestown Massacre in this one. Uniforms, meanwhile, is a bit more lo-fi. It’s the kind of track you can hide inside a Who album and it’ll take you awhile to figure out that it’s not from the Tommy group.

Middle track, Don’t keeps everything balanced with its careful mix of harmony and repetitive riff. It’s a nice an easy track that’s quite calming. The final two are bonus cuts. This Vision of You and The Ideal is Not Real, delve deeper and exude a more Eastern feel. The inclusion of the sitar and the droning guitars add to this dynamic.

Sudden Death of Stars is the kind of band that mesmerizes listeners. They may not sound like a polished crew or carry the best recording quality but still, you’re enticed to listen. Like many of the band’s in the 70s, every element is paid careful attention to and set up for maximum pleasure. Check it out for yourself. Enjoy!

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