The Who

Futurelight: EP

Starting off with a song that will surely leave you stomping your feet, Futurelight’s EP is the type of musical package that keeps it short and sweet yet satisfying. With the band’s music being described as a mix between The Who, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, it is not hard to imagine the band playing in big arenas with the kind of sound they are carrying.

Hypatia Lake: Ouroboros

It's easy to spot which iconic rock band has inspired much of Hypatia Lake's' sound. From the magnificent dirty guitars, those shouty vocals and a dark, sinister vibe; Ouraboros channels quite a bit of Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in its tracks. Hailing from Seattle, Ouroboros is the fourth record from the crew. It's a concept album of sorts as the band has created unique tracks that revolve around the epic battles and excursion of protagonist, Rose Marie. Serving as a nice throwback to 70s rock and expansive concept records, the album flourishes and entices listeners to enter into its sonic landscape.

Sudden Death of Stars: EP

Exuding folky shoegaze 70s style rock is something these Rennes septet is very good at. Sudden Death of Stars carry a hypnotizing sound that's great to wake up to on a lazy Saturday morning. This is their first EP and it contains 5-tracks recorded and released back in 2010. Employing old school instruments, analog recording and an ethereal psychedelic vibe, the album is a lush soundscape filled with interesting bits to please listeners. Apart from this, the boys have released a new record which should be up on the blog as well.

Apache Dropout by Apache Dropout (Promo EP)

Carrying the torch of indie pop rock, Apache Dropout adds some extra cool retro vibe to spice up their personal sound. This six track promo EP sounds like it was unearthed from some 60s traveller's suitcase. Filled with jaunty, The Doors sounding tunes; the album is a great delight to listen to especially if you love retro rock music. Apache Dropout hails from Bloomington, Indiana. The band is made up of Nathan Warrick, Sonny Alexandre and Seth Mahern. Together, they have released several short albums and hopefully there's more to come from this talented trio.