New kids on the indie block, Milky White, proves that they’re not your ordinary pop indie gang. The Charleston, South Carolina natives serves up four skillful pop rock tunes in their new self-titled release. Milky White is Jules Campbell (vocals), Ben Kerley (guitar), Dylan Walker (bass), Sonny Reyes (drums), and Paul Walker (van).

What makes this band different from the sudden wave of indie pop performers is their ability to add a new twist on a familiar genre as seen on the album’s opening track, Uncontested Divorce On The Grounds Of Extreme Cruelty (December 17, 1964). The title itself is quite unique and upon seconds within the track, the listeners are treated to a pleasurable mix of fuzzed-out arrangement and pop-driven female vocals. One thing that should also be noted is how, little by little, the rapid drum beats and guitar strings unite into one harmonious rock melody.

Start the engine and put your windows down as This Girl Is Full Of Keys plays on the background. This steady flowing rock pop piece is the perfect anthem for any road trip as it offers just the right amount of oomph to get you high on the round.

In Jesus Eagle Explosion Montage, the rapid and rhythmic beats perfectly highlights Campbell’s sharp and edgy tone that shifts gears between urgent and subdued tempo.


Just like in a perfect dish, the listeners are not treated not only to one flavor, but to an array of flavors ranging from pure sweetness, anger, to bitterness. The tracks here are well chosen to encapsulate what Milky White stands for–indie pop pieces that goes beyond the boundaries to experiment on texture and rhythm.

Track List:
1. Uncontested Divorce On The Grounds Of Extreme Cruelty (December 17, 1964)
2. This Girl Is Full Of Keys
3. Soft Grunge House Show After Party
4. Jesus Eagle Explosion Montage

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