Music is one of life’s simple joys. For some of us, we could not last a day without listening to our favorite tunes, whether to jump start our morning or soothe our nerves after a day’s work. But what makes up a good song? Is it its ability to conjure memories, evoke deep-seated emotions, or its mood-changing effect that enables us to zone out for a moment? For Tyler Batts, it’s all of the above.


In The Beautiful EP, the singer/songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina, treats old and new fans with four alternative pieces that invest in musical details and a strong foundation. Fuelled by a broad range of influences and genres, Tyler’s music is driven to create heartfelt, moving sound.

Tyler Batts‘ greatest asset is his skill to recreate pop-inclined pieces with more depth by using honest lyricism and heart-warming melodies. This is greatly showcased on the first track, City On Fire. Here, the collection welcomes our ears with radio-friendly tunes and Batts’ crisp, solid vocals.

Beautiful carries the same emotional weight of the previous track but is punctuated with bold, sporadic beats and glowing electro tunes. To The Very End closes the collection with contrasting layers of grainy samples and sharp guitar play. The touches of soft keys add texture and contrast to this powerful track.

The Beautiful EP takes its strength from the rawness of its elements. Tyler Batts has meticulously and impressively crafted a collection that, even stripped of its musical overlays, carries a heart and soul.

Track List:
1. City On Fire
2. Beautiful
3. Running
4. To The Very End

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