Oh! Hello brings you closer to sun-kissed waters in Beachy EP. The Portland-based band of Michael Todd Berland, Jordan Strickland, and Nate Morse is back for another expedition on the chillwave universe.

The band’s inclination to use places as themes is evident in this EP and also with their other albums like Spooky which was also featured on Frostclick. Featuring five tasteful tracks, this EP is a calm breather for those hectic days.

Jumping atop hooking woo woos and hand-clapping beats, Sharky sends some positive vibes to the ears. A hint of ornate chimes and drums adds a tribal flair to the track.

My Manta Ray follows with an ambient and slower approach. Echoing vocals perfectly flutter along ukulele strings.

An immediate favourite, Beach House, is the sweetest love song. Saccharine lines are flawlessly blended with clever instrumentation. Press play and devour in this innocent and sugar-flustered piece.

The band’s clever experimentation is showcased in Glen & Eden. By using ethereal vocals and sounds of forest and water, this track paints vivid landscapes of nature at its finest.

Closing track Algae seals the album with several layers of hypnotic ambient melodies, evolving one at a time.

What makes Beachy EP successful is how Oh!Hello paints images with melodies. The subtlety in each track allows each wonderful sound to grow its own color and decay in its own space.

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