Snapchat by Snapchat, Inc is an iPhone app that lets you send photos that will self destruct according to the time you specify. So if you want to send a photo that a recipient can view for say 6 seconds, set the timer to it. Send the picture and it will be visible on their device for 6 seconds before disappearing for good.

The app is very easy to use. When you first start it up, you will be prompted for a username and password for your account. As soon as your account is set up Snapchat will turn on your iPhone’s camera and you can take any photo you want.


The button in the center of the app is the shutter trigger and the icon next to it that resembles a 3D box lets you see the images that you sent out. On the right is a menu icon that lists your friends and other users of Snapchat. The menu icon also has links to the app’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

After taking a picture Snapchat will display the photo you took. Tapping the X icon will let you take more photos if you need to. The download icon allows you to see the image saved on your phone so all you need to do now is to press send.

You can use the Friends list on the menu to choose a recipient and a confirmation message will appear asking if you want to send the picture over to that recipient for x number of seconds. Next you will see the timer button and you can set it anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds before the picture you sent self destructs. Perfect for the night out on the town when you want to share some crazy photos with a friend but you dont want that friend to share it with everyone else.

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